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Unlock your creativity with Alison Hill Ceramic Sculptor - Crafted with passion and artistry.

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Alison Hill Ceramic Sculptor

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About Alison Hill Ceramic Sculptor

Alison Hill Ceramic Sculptor is an active fine arts professional in the North of England. In recent years she has translated a variety of  2D artistic ideas into 3D using clay. Having already made a name for herself as a 2D artist she now has  a reputable name for herself  in the ceramic industry. Take a look at her selected works, and get in touch for more information.

Holding a Paintbrush
Splattered Paint

"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets"

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Professional History

Work Experience

After working as an Art and Design Technology Specialist Alison left her full time teaching job to persue her own artistic career. Her earlier work although it was multi media it was largely 2D. She had a particular interest in texture in her work using textiles as one of her favoured media. She started to give the work a 3D element through using wadding in her work which led her to think in a more spacial way. This was when she decided to experiment with clay.

Alison's work had always been of a figurative theme and this theme has continued into her ceramic work. Alison is fascinated by the human world choosing to study the mood and expression of humans of all: ages, genders, cultures and eras.

Alison talks of her art in an emotional way. She expresses that there comes a point in the making of a sculpture when it comes to life and looks back at her giving her such a thrill, she then tweaks the expression to show what the subject is feeling. With a slight tilt of the head or curl of the lip confident can become arrogant, a smile can become a smirk.  Alison believes every work must tell a story.

Alison has had work  in various galleries in the UK, including the prestigious African Chuck Gallery in Manchester,  Art in the Mill in Knaresborough, Number 42 in Bishop Auckland , SJ Phar in Harrogate, Percy House in Cockermouth, Number 45 in Felton, The Glass and Art Gallery Consett


84 Bates Avenue, Darlington, Co.Durham, DL30UE

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